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 Post subject: Either Schizophrenia or spiritual problem
PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:31 pm 

Joined: Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:37 pm
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After I had been on medication for a while, every time I went off a certain medication voices would start harassing me. When it first happened, they started as what I thought were people far away, then became people watching me through a camera, then became God and the devil. Every time I went off the medication, the voices harassed me, starting in different ways. When I was put back on the medication the first time, the voices became less over time as I prayed, but did not fully go away for a while. The second and third time they did not go away for a long time, and when they were harassing me, they were often interrupting my prayers. They were not fully audible, but something like a voice you might hear when falling asleep. Often they did not sound like a real speaking voice, but like the motor on the bus, or the sound of wind and traffic being shaped into words. I was on an injection for a while, but I have not been able to get my monthly injection for over six weeks.

I don't know if demons are harrassing me, or if it is just a symptom of my ilness. I have not really been hearing much this time, but I constantly feel like people outside my building are talking about me all day. I hear very faint voices commenting about me, as well as misinterpret real voices I hear outside. They were getting a little worse, but I simply trusted in God and quoted the Bible to myself in my head and prayed, and they started subsiding and I fell asleep.

Please pray for me that, if my diagnosies is true, and I am really schizophrenic, that the schizophrenia would go away, and that, if it is something spiritual, that God would completely deliver me from all harassment from the enemy.

This only seems to happen when I go off my medication, but it does not go away for a long time after I go back on it. I don't understand why. Please pray for me. Thank you.

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 Post subject: Please pray for me.
PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:47 pm 

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I was diagnosed with schizophrenia a long time ago. Please pray for me to be free of my mental illness and symptoms so that I do not need medication anymore. Also, please pray for me to understand more of Scripture and to practice it.

Thank you.

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