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 Post subject: Living like kings in Eastern Europe
PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 11:26 am 

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missionaries and not only living like kings in Eastern Europe

I worked from early 2000s for missionaries in my country and I got saved through their work, back then when people did not have much, did not want much. I was raised in a Bible environment but in my country all the born again christians don't believe in assurance of salvation and the standards are low. I never had a high standard myself and I admit I am not perfect but who is it ? I was appreciated for my honesty and hard work and that's why I was hired as translator and many other things to help this man or that man. I write this out of anger and it might hurt people financially but I do not hide the fact that maybe this way is better.

You see, people that read this, and you, that give to missions back home in USA, think and see the missionaries like great people and what a sacrifice they do, therefore all the money you give is well worth it for people's soul sake. Maybe this was true in the 2000s and early 90'. People are as hard as rock in the Eastern Europe, they don't care if you have the truth, they'll still see you a mormon or a JW. The missionaries in my country that you pay, have between 4000 and 8000 $ income. You don't make that in USA easy do you? When they exchange that amount in local currency, they get maybe 25000 local money. That, for me is your 25000$ a month! How can a born again christian pretend he sacrifices his life when he has a villa, 2-3 cars, his kids are hired after 18 because they can't legally work here and they wanna keep a grasp on them, if they go back to USA most of them backslide, especially the boys. We here have very small crime and drug problem.

People in my country live on a very low pay, 250 to 400 $ a month. Your missionaries go to KFC and Cinema City, while you think back home it's a sin to go to see a movie. They hide it from you. They have cable and internet, cable that comes often with mandatory porn channels. Go figure, holy thou art ! If you tell a missionary that he has a lot of money, he will say to you that he gave up all for Christ and all his toys and jobs and he could make even more money in USA. Yeah, maybe, but here you just sit and do nothing for that money. Because the field is closed, people don't care and don't respond to the Gospel. All they want from a missionary is his money and help. He goes to a village, gives some food in bags, and a Bible takes pics and sends it to your church, and you are amazed with the work he has done !

Where is the verse acting in a missionary life, when ap. Paul said that he became greek to the greeks and so on ? How can he be one of my kind when he has 6000$ a month and I have 400 $ ?! Is his stomach 60 kg and mine is 4kg ? Are my children allergic to KFC ? All the youth that comes to an Independent Baptist church come just for the food and social games. When they see that there are no men or women to marry or they are criticized often for their low standards, they leave ! Happily ! Trust me, I know tens of teens that did that ! While back home, you are mentally harassed to give give give. One friend, american missionary told me he has no respect for the one who does not give. Well I have no respect for him, because he chops your money. You may say I do so too since I was paid by them. Well, I worked for it and the junk I had to take from them is awful !

In the past, when they came, missionaries had high standards and they will not allow you in their house to even say Oh my Word. But today, them and their kids, watch Discovery and HBO with all the cursing possible. I understand that most churches in States became calvinistic, dropped standards too. If so, you too are a two-faced movement. Shame on you ! Shame on you for coming into my country and making a show and for teaching us things,things that yourself do not do anymore ! What a testimony ! Eastern Europe is closed, send your missionaries to Congo ! Leave the Europeans to their own fall, sadly, let them be. Don't send missionaries to a field with no more crops and please make sure what you send and what money you send, please check them up, send trustworthy members to check them up at least every 6 months, don't let them come home every 2 years. They complain anyway, that they miss their relatives and the food ( that tells me what sacrifice they bear ? ).

All I wrote here is out of anger and I admit it, it's meant to hurt them, some may think it hurt God's ministry but I think it will do a good for all of us. Re-think your board strategy and be more flexible, don't drop standards but also don't shove them on the native's throats ! They need salvation not sanctification and judgement ! Leave that to God !
Thank you!

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